Wrightsville Beach Remodel | Outdoor IPE Deck

By Ross Copenhaver

On July 29, 2021
Trevor Lanphear continues discussing a recent remodel of a Wrightsville Beach home with a new IPE deck using a screw-less fastener system.

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Prefer to read today?  No problem!  Below you’ll find the transcript from our video above.

Handrails with a View

We did this outside deck here.

Got some oak leaves on it, but basically, we refinished this whole thing.

We did the IPE decking with the screwless fastener system. This is a typical handrail design we’ll do when we have IPE with an IPE cad. It allows the customer to get a better view when you’re sitting in a chair looking out to the water like that…Without jamming it up too much for folks that don’t want to deal with the stainless-steel cable rail system. It just has that cottage look, it has an old beach cottage feel as well.
Picture of Outdoor IPE Deck Railing

Design Issues

They had some issues in the final design as the job was underway where the architect hadn’t really accounted for how this roof system was going to tie in over here because when you look at the house from the dock it really is kind of symmetrical and works off-center of this whole area. 

So we came up with a way to make these roof systems tie so that it looks good from the water and road and looks symmetrical, but it just left them an open corner again, which she (the client) was really happy to have because she wanted to have a spot where she could sit out in the sun but not have to go down there. 

Picture of a Wrightsville Beach home built by Lanphear Builders
It ended up being a win-win.  Just one of those problem-solving details. 

One of the things we do with every job is we don’t just problem-solve when it comes to remodels, almost on an hourly basis, but we problem-solve with design too, we have so much experience in the realm of design that often the customer doesn’t need to go back to the architect or the design consultant to find a solution or recommendations of several options that we can usually solve it with them on site. 

It’s the Little Things

When we have any door on the ocean or on the decks we always put in one of these bulk latches down here.  You always want to make sure that the customer can take the door and tie it in so the wind can’t do anything with it.  It’s the smallest of things but it’s the little details like that when they come out here and it’s a hot day, but they’ve got a breeze, you know, or it’s a nice day and they’ve got a breeze you can’t have this $5000 door panel or door unit flying into the glass.

You know we just do little things like that that we look out for them.


One of the things we ended up with was this big bulkhead up here above us and that was something that got missed in the design.  We didn’t realize it was going to be as prevalent as it was, so we had to make it go away.  So, we decided to trim it out or side it out in the shakes but go ahead and do Cypress on the bottom and stain it the color of the shakes.  Rather than paint it white or make it like the ceiling above us…just wanted to make it go away and she was ultimately happy with that. 


Matching the ceiling wouldn’t have made sense, because it’s nothing like the roof.  It would’ve looked like a mistake somebody was trying to hide. 


Picture of New construction porch with water view over Banks Channel NC

Written by Ross Copenhaver

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Photo of Wrightsville Beach Remodel Project by Lanphear Builders

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