Wrightsville Beach Remodel | Floorplan Flip & Extending the View

By Ross Copenhaver

On May 22, 2021
Our Wrightsville Beach Remodel Series moves forward as Trevor discusses how this home remodel ended up flipping the floorplan with exquisite views as the reward.

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Prefer to read today?  No problem!  Below you’ll find the transcript from our video above.

Flipping the Floorplan

The old kitchen was actually behind where you’re standing, we flip-flopped the kitchen it was on the other side of the room.  These two window locations were actually moved out from the center a little bit.

These two windows, there was a built-in here that was the gas fireplace, I believe, and then just bookshelves and then the kitchen was over there.

So originally started with we want to redo the kitchen, but we were doing an 11-foot addition over there too.

After looking at it, I think it was just the second visit over…me and a couple of guys on our team looked at it we realized that it was heading in the wrong direction, so we met with the homeowners down here shortly thereafter and threw the idea out to them about flipping the plan and getting the kitchen over here into this area.

Before Living Room RemodelAfter Living Room Remodel
Move the Slider to view Before and After Remodel views.
We redid this whole room, we had it stripped down to the studs.

We made this the dining area here and built in a little banquette bench, custom-built on site, brackets down there and everything.

We put a big penny gap wall all the way around the whole room…If you look at this room it is wood from floor to ceiling. Hardwood floor penny gap wood walls and tongue and groove edge and center bead ceilings…So, it’s like an old beach house in that it’s got a lot of wood.

Extending the View

The main feature and really why we gutted this room was the lack of view that we had over here on this side on the East wall, there was just a great view.

Now mind you, the original house we came into, the exterior wall was about here is about where this. We went ahead and built this addition out 11 feet and added in these windows they made this a living room.

They weren’t going to do this window on the South corner because they felt like they didn’t need it, but I explained to them that just sitting here in the living room had a great view of that live oak and down the water towards a bridge.

Before Kitchen RemodelAfter Kitchen Remodel
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Photo of Living Area of Wrightsville Beach Remodel
We were able to get down, I think we did math relative to what was here originally, to the amount of glass that’s here now, so just measuring the glass opening, we were able to get them almost 6 feet more glass in this wall with this design that we have here relative to what was there. That’s pretty substantial given, I mean, you can see the view…It’s just it’s awesome, Banks Channel here, we got the bridge there.

You know boat traffic out here during the summers, it just goes all day long.

Before Floorplan Flipped

The Living Room area was previously on the north side of the home.  The original plan included a Kitchen remodel but not moving the kitchen entirely.

After Floorplan Flipped

Once the whole floor was extended out another 11 feet, the best design choice was to move the kitchen to the north side of the home.

Before Kitchen Was Moved

This was where the kitchen was located before the remodel and the expansion.
Photo of flipped floorplan remodel in Wrightsville Beach

After Kitchen Was Moved

The Living Room takes advantage of the wider space and takes the place of the old kitchen.
Picture of coastal home remodeled living room

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Photo of Wrightsville Beach Remodel Project by Lanphear Builders

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